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Many consumers profess a desire to change their purchase routines in ways that reduce their environmental impacts. Yet they are also driven by  existing habits, price sensitivity, skepticism about advertising claims, and suspicions of “green washing”.  We leverage theory, methods and insights from neuroscience and experimental psychology to better reach those consumers by helping purpose-driven marketers optimize their product positioning, communications, and brand strategies.


ARk conducts original research aimed at understanding the effects of environmental stressors on health outcomes, attitudes, and life styles.  We also work with governmental organizations and NGOs to evaluate the impact of social programs intended to help mitigate environmental problems and to improve quality-of-life in communities.


Past research has shown that while social programs that depend primarily on traditional media and informational advertising can improve public awareness and understanding of environmental issues, they often do little to motivate actual behavior change.  ARk relies on proven strategies from the social psychology, behavioral economics, and social marketing literature to design and manage impactful community engagement and behavior change programs to shift consumer habits at a regional level.